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Private label

Create your own line of treats


shape and taste

If you already have an idea for your chews give us some more details so that we can support you with production and launching it on the market.


If it’s still not clear what kind of chews you would like to implement – give us your general needs: range of SKU, breed size, packaging – it’s enough to create a great range of chews. We will support you with the rest.


Developing composition

new and healthy

The price of the product isn’t the only thing you can use to compete on the market. All reports show that building a satisfying and stable brand is mainly “the history of brand/products”. Give us some time and we will give you the tools to build a strong brand that makes a difference.




Sample preparation


After accepting our ideas or comments from our technologist, we will prepare samples so that you can check if the product is right for your portfolio. We can also support you with testing palatability and dog acceptance with our local breeders.


Don’t forget about packaging!


We offer a wide range of packaging options: packaging with printings, OPP/PE, PET/PE, transparent bags with head card banderols, transparent bags with labels, heat shrink foil with labels, other as you prefer…

Main production

the finished product

When everything is prepared we can start the main production of products and packaging. It will only take a few weeks until you receive your final chews. Don’t worry, we will put in all our effort and experience to make sure everything works smoothly and is prepared on highest level!



More about packaging


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Meet our trade offer

We invite you to familiarize with our offer for 2020. In our catalogue you will find additional information about us and the certificates we have.

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